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Brand Visual Identity Brand Visual Identity

10 Years of

Crafting Visions, Shaping Futures


Combining the artistry of a multidisciplinary designer with the technical expertise of a developer, I weave innovative and seamless experiences that harmonize captivating design with functional, user-centric development.


Fusing design and development, my goal encompass crafting immersive user journeys, where creativity intertwines seamlessly with code. I aim to deliver dynamic solutions that not only captivate visually but also ensure intuitive and impactful digital experiences.


Distinction in BSc Design

Fusing Vision and Code

Seamlessly merge design concepts with technical execution to create innovative digital experiences

Artistry in Development

Blend creativity and coding expertise to craft captivating user interfaces and interactions

Iterative Harmony

Continuously refine designs through development iterations, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality

Unified Impact

Integrate design and development for comprehensive, impactful user journeys

Went out of Wikongs way to ensure that the project was completed at the highest standard. Will use Wikongs again for any other branding work. Definitely recommend if you are looking for high-quality and value.

Sachin Charan, Paynet Digital Network (P) Ltd.

My experience with Wikongs was top-notch and pleasure to work with. Communication is very important to me and that was not an issue, whenever I had a question team was there to answer immediately.

Sahil Gharvi, Indiana Machine Tools (P) Limited

Wikongs talent is incredible, the designs and features he uses look amazing. I knew this was the agency to pick after looking at portfolio. Delivered designs looking clean, professional and on time. Exceeded my expectations.

Kamakshi Gupta, RCI Industries & Technologies Limited